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Norwich Union Insurance: Animals involved in most bizarre claims

30 January 2007
Norwich Union has compiled a list of the top ten most bizarre insurance claims over the past year, and it makes for interesting reading.

Some of the most unusual claims involved animals. One homeowner was utterly shocked when a deer dived through the kitchen window – while it was closed – and caused major damage but miraculously survived the ordeal. A perplexed motorist described how a bull head-butted the car windscreen after being enticed by the yellow tax disk, and another driver was amazed when he returned to his car having parked on a country lane to discover that it had been chewed by two horses in his absence.

Jason Harris, senior claims manager at Norwich Union, said: “Our annual review of claims shows the weird and wacky incidents that can happen unexpectedly. Whilst some of these claims may cause a smile its worth remembering that at the time some of the events were probably quite traumatic.

“This list though highlights the diversity of claims made by Norwich Union customers, and emphasises its not just flood, fire and theft that insurance can provide cover for.”

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