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Norwich Union Overhaul on Truck Insurance

21 November 2006
Norwich Union has launched a new truck insurance policy with commercial fleets in mind. Its "Premier Truck" insurance cover includes new options to help counter issues such as truck breakdown and unsound vehicle histories.

The new services - aimed at goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes - have been sourced from Norwich Union's sister companies, and include 'pay on use' breakdown cover from the RAC, glass cover provided by RAC Auto Windscreens and HPI’s vehicle identity, history and mileage checks to protect customers buying used vehicles.

“With more than 34,000 commercial breakdowns attended by RAC Commercial Assistance this year, the need for flexible breakdown cover is as essential as ever," explains Mark Keavney, Norwich Union commercial motor development manager.

According to a RAC fault summary report, truck breakdowns are a result of engine faults, flat batteries, having no spare tyre following a puncture, clutch assembly, general punctures, battery faults, starter motor failure, manual gearbox problems and road traffic accidents, and hidden vehicle histories are also presenting a hazard for the unsuspecting truck buyer. Norwich Union says its new cover can help deal with these issues.

“Through our links to RAC and HPI, truck customers will get direct access to some of the best vehicle services in the business - for brokers who do not have access to schemes business, ‘Premier Truck’ provides one of the most comprehensive stand alone covers available,” said Keavney.

Within the policy, attached and detached trailer cover is provided as standard as is Duty of Care legal expenses cover. Norwich Union also offers policy discounts, including 10% following completion of driver training and vehicle security.

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