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Over half of Britons losses abroad not insured

31 July 2006
Of the £2.7 billion of items that have been stolen from holidaying Britons in the last five years more than half could not be claimed for due to insufficient insurance provisions.

Around £1.5 billion worth of items taken were either entirely uninsured or were not covered by the policies held by the 7.2 million British victims of pickpockets and muggers.

The average crime took two and a quarter days to resolve, as well as being traumatic for those involved and costly – on average it involves an outlay of approximately £375 per incident.

Paul Birkenhead of Halifax Travel Insurance said that ensuring you have the requisite cover was very important because the chances of locating stolen items were minimal at best.

"There is usually very little authorities abroad can do to recover your stolen items, especially in holiday resorts where it's easy for a thief to blend in with the crowd," he said.

"Often gangs of thieves will operate in a resort, commit a spree of thefts and disappear within a day. With recovery unlikely victims must ensure they obtain a crime number or report from the police – without it they will be unable to claim for their loss."

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