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Parents urged to reassess contents insurance as Graduates return home

26 August 2008 / by Rachel Mason
Thousands of graduates will be returning home from university over the next few weeks, and parents are being urged to re-think their home contents insurance cover.

According to Virgin Money, graduates are likely to have built up thousands of pounds worth of equipment during their time away, and parents will need to make sure they are covered for the extra value when they bring them home.

"Many students will have built up quite a collection of valuable items over the course of their degree,” explained Virgin Money spokesman Grant Bather.

“While some may have little monetary value, others such as laptops can be expensive and should be properly insured," he said.

Virgin Money says that laptops, iPods, TVs and games consoles are just some of the expensive items that graduates will be bringing home with them.

Like many home insurance policies, Virgin home insurance covers home office equipment like PCs, laptops and printers, and up to £3,000 for download cover. This, says Virgin, means that if students have spent a lot of money on downloading iTunes, their music will be covered too.

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