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Patients give up smoking and junk food but not drinking, says MediCare International

06 August 2007
Drinking is the last vice to go amongst health-troubled patients, and some believe the obese should not be privy to all forms of healthcare, research from MediCare International has revealed.

Despite the warnings of government, medical practitioners and health advisory bodies, the binge drinking and associated problems of 24 hour drinking continue to take their toll on people’s health, and the number of people who have reduced their alcohol intake has not changed significantly, says MediCare International, specialists in international private medical insurance.

Forty four per cent of those asked said that they don’t think that obese people should be allowed access to all forms of treatment if they have brought their condition upon themselves, which reflects a drop in tolerance for those perceived as not heeding their own health.

Three times as many people claimed they had given up smoking this year, and more than 70% said they have reduced their intake of fast food, up from 55% last year. In comparison, very few have said they have significantly reduced the amount they drink, illustrating that despite its detrimental effect on health, it is alcohol is often the last vice to go.

In light of these findings, says MediCare, at least an increasing number of people are taking care of themselves to some extent and listening to health issues and warnings about he effects of smoking and a poor diet. David Pryor of MediCare International commented:

“We have undertaken research each year to help us understand the health issues and needs surrounding our clients in their daily lives. There is no doubt that we are seeing a change in client concerns and what they are looking for from an international health insurance policy.

“Wellbeing checks have been top of the 'wish list' for some time, but now clients are responding to health messages and cutting back on smoking and eating fast food - both of which have been the subject of major education campaigns. This can only help the daily business of looking after family health. Drinking seems to be the last bastion, but it will be interesting to note what response we get this time next year.”

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