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Pet insurance is for life, not just for Christmas

04 January 2008 / by None
For those who found a puppy or a kitten under the tree this Christmas, it is important to remember that pets are for life, not just for Christmas, and getting pet insurance could ensure that the new member of the family gets the care it needs, urges Fair Investment Company.

David Doulton, director at Fair Investment Company, said: "It is exciting for a child to get a pet for Christmas; it is a good way of teaching children responsibility, and one of the most important things they can do is ask mum and dad to get it a comprehensive pet insurance policy.

"Pet insurance needn't be expensive, but it can provide your pet with the essential care it needs in case it is injured or becomes ill. Vet bills can be very expensive, so insurance can save a lot of money in the long run."

Pet insurance policies vary from one provider to another, and can be bought from known and established insurance providers or picked up at the till of a local supermarket, so it is important to compare the different deals on the market. Some only cover vet bills for the first 12 months after treatment, while others implement no time limitations. For complete peace of mind, some providers cover the costs of advertising and a reward if a pet is lost or stolen.

There are a number of other factors to consider when choosing the best insurance for a pet, such as the maximum amount that the insurance company will pay out per year or per treatment, whether personal liability is covered in the instance that a pet causes harm or damage to other people and their property, and if dental health in included. Some providers even offer counselling if a pet passes away, which could help children to understand and cope with the loss of their pet.

Depending on individual needs and circumstances, different levels of cover can be chosen, from basic to comprehensive. Some providers also offer optional extras so that policies can be tailored to meet requirements, such as for travel and alternative treatments.

Cost is also a factor and usually relates to the level of cover that is chosen. Agreeing to pay different levels of excess can keep the costs of premiums down, buying online can make it even cheaper and some providers offer further discounts if more than one pet is insured.

"New pet owners should remember that after the excitement of Christmas has worn off, the animal will still need care and attention," continued Mr Doulton. "Pet insurance can ensure your pet will get the treatment it needs so that its new family can enjoy it for many Christmases to come."

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