Pet insurance paying out on oddest injuries, Lloyds TSB reports

14 January 2005
The ability of pets to injure themselves doing the simplest things has been highlighted by Lloyds TSB - as has the fact many pets are still uninsured.

Lloyds TSB said that in the past its pet insurance division has paid out on a cat which injured its head by running into a closed patio door after being startled by a dog barking on television. Lloyds also paid the vet bills for a dog who broke its tail by wagging it too hard.

However, even with this seemingly unlimited ability of pets to injure themselves, 47 per cent of cats and one in four dogs remain uninsured.

"The cost of pet injuries and illnesses can be difficult to predict and without pet insurance, owners could be faced with a hefty vet bill," said Phil Loney, managing director of Lloyds TSB Insurance.

He added: "Being insured also means that you have access to more sophisticated treatments that perhaps you could not otherwise afford."

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