Petrol stations are the place to prang out, finds Churchill Car Insurance

03 February 2005 / by None
People more likely to have an accident in a petrol station than anywhere else, Churchill Car Insurance has found.

Additionally, 1.5 million British drivers crash when parking their cars - that is one in four accidents.

Churchill revealed that drivers are ten times more likely to have an accident in a petrol station than while dropping off the kids at school or parking at work.

Multi-storey shopping centre and supermarket car parks were in second and third place.

"The top three locations for accidents are all high-paced, distracting environments," noted Darren McCauley, head of car insurance at Churchill.

He explained to drivers that these places are often tight on space or have narrow bays and tight corners. The high volume of cars can also make it difficult to concentrate.

Mr McCauley added: "Drivers cannot avoid visiting these destinations, but they should be aware of their surroundings.

"If people concentrate on their driving instead of what they are going to do next, they can lessen their chances of having a crash."

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