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Post Office shows taking Mum for lunch could save your life

01 March 2005
Abandoning your DIY tools to treat Mum to lunch might be the best decision you ever make - research by Post Office home insurance has found that Sundays are normally the most dangerous days for home accidents, with the exception of Mothering Sunday.

According to statistics from the insurer, more than a third of all household accidents happen over the weekend - with Sunday the worst day, accounting for more than one in six of the total number of accident claims made over a week.

"Sundays are traditionally a day when the whole family is at home and therefore there is a greater chance of accidents," said Mike Smith, head of marketing at the Post Office.

"In particular, men do odd jobs around the house, and on occasions this leads to DIY disasters," he added.

However, the Post Office found that claims for accidents in the home fell by nearly 40 per cent on Mother's Day - because most people pay attention to their mother rather than home improvements.

"There are probably fewer accidents reported on Mothers Day because instead of men practising their DIY they are treating mum to a restful day and perhaps going out for lunch," Mr Smith ventured.

Friday is the safest day of all according to the Post Office, with just one in eight accidents occurring then - including Friday 13th.

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