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Post Office warns over planned and unplanned holiday expense

30 May 2007
Britons are in the mood to spend extravagantly during their summer holidays, research from the Post Office has shown.

Over one third declared they had no intention of setting themselves a budget when they travelled this summer, while another 48 per cent confessed that they set a budget then fail to stick to it.

The temptation to overspend is steepest in restaurants and cafes, it seems, although sightseeing attractions also enticed a large number of holidaymakers to abandon their best intentions.

Tracking holiday spending is vital, however, to ensure a little light self-indulgence doesn't become a major financial problem, warned the Post Office's head of travel Kevin McAdam.

He advised holidaymakers to keep a record of what they spend each day and to change their currency before they travel, avoiding costly commission charges.

But cutting the cost of a holiday can also mean making allowance for unexpected expenditure.

The possibility of theft, loss or injury while abroad makes comprehensive travel insurance cover a must.

Earlier this week, financial researchers Defaqto warned that Britons seeking to save on super-cheap travel insurance could be short-changing themselves.

"Too many people are now travelling abroad with inadequate cover," Defaqto's head of insight, Brian Brown, warned.

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