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Privilege: Don't forget car insurance renewal

09 December 2005 / by None
Brits should not forget about their car insurance renewal notice this Christmas, Privilege Insurance has warned.

The insurance provider says that amid the excitement of Christmas, many car owners forget to renew their car insurance, putting themselves at risk of breaking the law or being responsible for the cost of damage.

Managing director of Privilege Insurance, Ian Parker, said all it takes is a "quick phone call" to make sure insurance is up-to-date.

He said: "Christmas can be a busy time and, amidst all the excitement, it is easy to overlook chores such as renewing your car insurance.

"But forgetting to do so can have serious and expensive consequences."

Research last year showed there were over 34,000 car accidents in December and January, making car insurance over the festive season doubly important, says Privilege.

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