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PruHealth reveals walking to work reduces weight - and health insurance premiums

26 May 2005
People who take the healthy option and walk to work instead of taking the car, bus, train or Tube could reduce their waistline and the cost of their health insurance premium.

PruHealth's London's Burning campaign has created a calorie calculator to show how many calories London's commuters could burn by walking between underground stations rather than taking the Tube.

If all six million London workers who could do so chose to walk to work, they would save £5.4 billion a year in public transport fares and petrol - and gain Vitality points to reduce the cost of their health insurance with PruHealth.

"We're hoping to encourage people to integrate walking into their everyday routine as walking is one of the simplest and most accessible forms of exercise there is," said Stephen Rowe, marketing director of PruHealth.

PruHealth encourages its health insurance holders to get healthy. Everything from exercising regularly to downloading a healthy meal planner from the insurer's website earns Vitality points, which can see premiums come down the following year.

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