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Prudential offers discount gym membership to health insurance customers

04 July 2007 / by None
PruHealth has joined forces with Cannons, LA Fitness and Virgin Active gyms to offer discounted gym memberships for its health insurance policyholders.

Policyholders can now benefit from comprehensive health insurance as well as cheaper gym membership.

The idea is to encourage people to stay fit and healthy by visiting the gym regularly; membership gets cheaper the more often members work out.

PruHealth is also offering benefits to its policyholders through ‘Vitality’ points. By visiting the gym twice a week or more over the course of the year, a PruHealth member can earn 1,040 Vitality points, and if that member is on Bronze status the points guarantee a move up to Silver status which means 50 per cent of the year’s unclaimed premium off the cost of next year’s cover.

Shaun Matisonn, PruHealth chief executive said: “We are always thinking of new ways to encourage people to live healthy lives and look after their wellbeing, and exercising regularly is one way to do this.

“The more you exercise, the happier and healthier your life could be. But an initiative like this extends beyond the individual as well.

“For employers, having employees that exercise could mean a happier and healthier workforce which can work harder. And for us, the insurers, having a fitter pool of policyholders means that they’re less likely to make claims, which in turn should help us to keep premiums down for everyone.

“We know that going to the gym can be difficult for some people due to the expense or time constraints or even lack of motivation. We wanted to give people a greater incentive to go and hopefully this is it.”

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