Quality holiday insurance essential, says Churchill

21 September 2005
Accidents abroad cost holidaymakers £361 million this summer, according to a survey by travel insurance company Churchill.

The 58,000 Churchill customers surveyed said that theft was the number one setback and lost cameras cost a third of travellers the equivalent of £453.

Head of travel insurance at Churchill, Mike Ketteringham, said: "We advise travellers to shop around for quality travel insurance before they take their holiday. Levels of cover and price vary hugely so its important that time is taken to find the right travel policy."

The survey also revealed that hospital treatment was needed by 182,000 holidaymakers.

Not surprisingly, it was found that the top holiday illness was food poisoning, with 18 per cent suffering from dodgy stomachs on holiday.

A survey by Direct Line earlier this month found that one in ten Brits have been robbed abroad, mostly in Spain, which has the highest number of holiday thefts overall.

Almost a third had possessions stolen from their hotel rooms while 13 per cent were mugged.

The cost of theft among holidaymakers was quite substantial, with one in ten people losing £500 through theft.

Churchill holiday insurance is available from £50 and offers a ten per cent discount if you buy online.

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