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RAC aims to become carbon neutral

07 March 2007
RAC has announced it will become carbon neutral by reducing its environmental impact.

The RAC's parent company - financial firm Aviva - has launched a global strategy to become carbon neutral, and the RAC is working inline with this initiative by focusing efforts on reducing the energy consumption of the company itself and RAC members.

“As a forward thinking motoring business, we are doing what we can to mitigate the effects of climate change, which means reducing our own CO2 output and encouraging others to follow suit," said Tom Oxley, corporate social responsibility manager for RAC.

The initiatives, which aim to improve the environmental impact of all RAC's services - breakdown cover, insurance, driving lessons, windscreen repairs - include:

• New procedures, including satellite navigation and intelligent deployment systems, that reduce fuel consumption and patrol fleet congestion

• Making sure all rescue vehicles have the best fuel economy and low toxic emissions.

• Repairing windscreens instead of replacing them where possible to reduce the energy used to produce the glass for new windscreens

• Green motoring advice for all RAC members

• Environmental awareness training for all RAC BSM driving instructors

“Reducing energy consumption is one of three activities – along with sourcing emission-free electricity, which we already buy, and carbon offsetting projects – that RAC and our parent company, Aviva, are actively pursuing in order to attain our goal of carbon neutrality," continued Mr Oxley.

“We are also keeping a keen eye on vehicle technology and low emission fuel provision so we can integrate these into our service and fleet vehicles in the future.”