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RAC reveals porkies told by British motorists

11 May 2005
In research released today, RAC Financial Services reveals that one in ten British drivers are stretching the truth about their cars and car insurance.

According to the RAC, one in ten drivers are lying on their car insurance applications, one quarter has driven without MOT and nine per cent has gone without insurance.

The cost-cutting porkies told by slippery British drivers to cut costs on their car insurance premiums include lying about where they keep their car, underestimating the car's value or performance, and giving the wrong main address.

"The pressure of the £100 a week it takes to run the average car is forcing many otherwise honest motorists to cut corners," said Philip Hale, spokesman for RAC Financial Services.

However, Mr Hale added: "All these behaviours are illegal and driving uninsured is a particular concern."

A quarter of British drivers also admit deliberately taking out the minimum insurance cover to save money.

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