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Raining cats and dogs makes pet insurance vital

04 September 2008 / by Rebecca Sargent
The wet and windy summer is not just a nightmare for British humans – cats and dogs are suffering too as they find themselves tempted by the sudden influx of slugs and snails.

According to leading veterinary charity PDSA, slugs and snails thrive in wet weather, something the UK has had plenty of so far this summer. Unfortunately, cats and dogs are not particularly fussy about what they eat so are happily munching the slugs and snails, but to the detriment of their health.

According to PDSA, slugs and snails can cause respiratory and circulation problems in cats and dogs. The charity explains that some slugs and snails carry larvae that can cause lungworms that can seriously harm pets, making pet insurance a must this season.

PDSA senior veterinary surgeon Sean Wensley said: "Some slugs and snails carry infective larvae which, if eaten by a cat or a dog, can lead to lungworm. In cats, these lungworms live in the lungs, which can cause the cat to cough. In the dog, these thin worms live in the blood vessels that supply the lungs, which can also cause coughing, as well as problems with circulation.

"In rare cases these worm infestations can be very serious indeed – even fatal. PDSA vets have seen a gradual increase in pets affected by lungworm, which was previously confined only to Wales and the South West, but is now seen in many areas of the UK."

Pet health insurance could offer assistance with things like lungworm, as well as the standard checks such as worming and flea removal. Mr Wensley added: "The rise in the number of cases of lungworm should remind pet owners of the importance of getting their pet regularly wormed by their vet. Lungworm is just one of many types of worm that are prevented by regular worming with an effective worming product."

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