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Risky areas needn't mean high insurance premiums

10 March 2005
A new report has proved that those living in an area with a high risk of crime or natural disasters such as floods need not necessarily pay out excessively high insurance premiums.

Living in a crime-filled area can see you pay 65 per cent more in home insurance costs, whilst flood risks can add 60 per cent to the bill - but the report by shows that shopping around can cut these costs in half.

The insurance website found that policyholders living in high-risk zones could save more than £100 in premiums by ensuring they are getting the best deal.

Richard Mason, the website's director, pointed out that recent developments in flood mapping technology have made it even more important for homeowners in these areas to seek out the best rates.

"The end of last year saw the Environment Agency launch their revolutionary flood map with the promise of quarterly updates to identify flood-risk areas more precisely," Mr Mason explained.

"This means that the need to shop around to get the best cover at the best price has never been more important.

"You could save over £110 a year on your insurance by switching to the best deal even if you live in a flood-risk area."

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