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Royal Bank of Scotland finds exotic holidays could save you £s

05 April 2005
New research into foreign currencies by the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) suggests that taking exotic holidays to long-haul destinations could actually save you money.

As the euro increases in strength against the pound, going the extra distance to distant destinations such as Hong Kong, Jamaica and Mauritius could see your money go further.

The pound has strengthened against the Mauritius rupee by 12.28 per cent in the last year according to RBS, whilst rising 11.8 per cent against the Indonesian rupiah and strengthening by 3.8 per cent against the Jamaican dollar.

The euro has strengthened against the pound by 2.97 per cent over the same period, meanwhile, giving British holidaymakers less spending power in European destinations.

"Over the last twelve months fluctuations in currency rates means that holiday makers could receive more for their pound by travelling further afield," explained Douglas Gowan, head of travel money for RBS.

"While some rates have fallen over the year, many long haul destinations still offer great, or improved, value for money.

"So, whilst the UK traveller may have less spending power with their pound in some popular destinations, more distant shores may provide a cost effective change of scenery."

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