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Rugby fans urged to check insurance

19 October 2007
As England takes part in its second successive Rugby World Cup final on Saturday, fans are being urged to check their insurance policies, whether they are traveling to Paris for the game, or watching in the comfort of their own homes.

For those making the trip across the channel, its travel and car insurance that need to be checked.

“As people frantically book up the remaining Channel crossings in the hope of seeing their team lift the trophy for a second time, insurance is probably the last thing on their mind. However, driving on unfamiliar foreign roads can be a tricky business,” warns NFU Mutual’s Laura Wood

“It is important that you check whether you are covered in the event of an accident or theft whilst you drive through France, she said.

And InsureandGo is urging anyone heading over to France to make sure they have adequate travel insurance because, warns managing director Perry Wilson, with the excitement – often alcohol fuelled – the chances of being injured or having your pockets picked increases. Fans should also check their home insurance policies, because their empty houses could prove an easy target for opportunist thieves.

But don’t think that if you avoid going out about you are avoiding worrying about insurance – according Lloyds TSB, home insurance policies should also be checked before the big game, because the excitement can often cause accidents, and accidental damage is not always covered.

Some of the claims made to Lloyds TSB four years ago include a woman who knocked over the deep fat fryer with excitement, a man who ran off to the loo mid-match and then slipped and damaged the bathroom door as he leaped for joy at Robinson’s first half try, and a smoker who accidentally set his England flag on fire.

Phil Loney, managing director of Lloyds TSB Insurance said: “The tension of the Rugby World Cup final four years ago clearly took its toll on the nation’s homes.

“If insurance claims can be this bizarre when we win the rugby, our claims managers will have more than one reason to keep their fingers crossed that we don’t lose this weekend.

“We covered these claims because our customers had opted for accidental damage on their home insurance policy. As we gear up to support England once again on Saturday night, its worth checking what your policy covers so, whatever the result, you know if your insurance will be there to help pick up the pieces.”

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