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Saga: Brits are a danger to European drivers

21 April 2006
Over half of Britons have driven or been driven on the continent without the correct preparations, according to a survey commissioned by Saga Motor Insurance.

Fifty-nine per cent of UK drivers admitted to doing so, and nearly one in seven (14 per cent) do not remember to take proof of insurance documents, a legally required stipulation when driving in Europe.

Another worrying statistic to emerge from the study shows that nearly one in five drivers find it difficult to remember the correct way round a roundabout and a quarter find driving on the opposite side of the road a hassle.

Andrew Goodsell, chief executive of Saga, warned drivers that preparation for driving abroad was essential to ensure a safe trip.

"To limit the chances of getting into difficulty, people should plan their route before they leave and ask their passengers to navigate," he advised. "Driving licences and insurance documents are compulsory for driving abroad and should be the first thing you pack."

Saga has produced a guide to European motoring to help people to navigate foreign roads, with the holiday season fast approaching. The company has also warned drivers to check their insurance policies and to make sure they are thorough in their planning.

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