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Saga: Brits lose on car insurance

26 October 2005
British motorists lose £100 million a year on their car insurance by failing to park their car in the garage, according to Saga Motor Insurance.

The insurance provider found that car-owners were forced to make claims for damage which could have been avoided by locking their car up at night.

Saga Motor Insurance said that motorists could make a "significant" saving by not leaving their car out at night, where it was at risk from vandalism by thieves and burglars.

"People are leaving their cars out on the streets at the mercy of opportunist thieves, vandals and the British weather," said Saga chief exective Andrew Goodsell.

"By clearing out their garage to make room for their car they could make a significant saving on their motor insurance," he added.

However, one in five owners polled by the insurance provider said that their garage was simply "too small" for their car.

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