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Saga home insurance: Over 50s should prepare gardens for winter

26 October 2009 / by Rachael Stiles

Saga home insurance is urging the over 50s to prepare their garden ready for winter, such as putting away tools and locking up sheds.

The over 50s show a higher level of garden know-how than the under 50s, and only 10 per cent say they do nothing to prepare their garden for winter, compared to 19 per cent of those under the age of 50.

In total, 14 per cent of sheds and garages are left unlocked, and a quarter of homeowners do not put away their garden equipment in the winter, leaving their belongings vulnerable to opportunistic thieves.

The average value of contents in a British garden £783, with the average home insurance claim for garden items is £378, Saga has found, so British gardeners have much to lose if they do not take precautions.

Five million over 50s in the UK say that gardening and growing vegetables is their favourite retirement pastime, which is reflected in the higher value of items in an the garden of someone aged 50 or older, worth an average £903 – significantly more than the average under 50's garden, which is worth £665 in comparison.

The over 50s are also more likely to cover up their gardens and equipment to protect it not only from thieves but also the winter weather.

Saga home insurance offers a high level of cover to help the over 50s look after their gardens, including up to £250 garden cover and £3,000 for theft from outbuildings, and customers can opt to add extra protection for their garden to their Saga home insurance policy.

Andrew Goodsell, executive chairman of Saga Group, commented: "It may not have been the BBQ summer we were all hoping for, but leaving the BBQ out to rust during winter will mean paying out to replace it next year.

"As a nation we are passionate about gardens and outdoor spaces, but when Spring knocks on the door many of us could face hefty bills to replace items neglected during the harsher months, or stolen from insecure sheds."

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