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Saga warns car owners over Christmas shopping

08 December 2006
Insurer Saga is encouraging consumers not to take the risk of losing up to £2 billion this Christmas by leaving gift purchases in the car while they pursue elusive seasonal bargains.

Research by the insurance firm found that 63 per cent of us take the car to do Christmas shopping while 59 per cent are guilty of leaving purchases in the boot while continuing a seasonal shopping spree.

Two in every three consumers, or 68 per cent, leave receipts in the bag of shopping, making thieves jobs much easier and rendering a claim on the item far more difficult.

Saga chief executive, Andrew Goodsell, said: "Leaving shopping in your car may seem like a good idea at the time, but if the car is broken into or stolen many people could find the personal belongings cover on their policy is woefully inadequate."

The problem doesn't simply end once the festive shopping is done. Nearly half of people who spend Christmas away from home and drive to their destination risk having their gifts stolen while leaving their vehicle unattended.

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