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Sainsbury’s car insurance aims to cut driving problems

17 August 2005
Sainsbury’s Car Insurance has urged drivers to be more careful as a recent survey has revealed that more than three quarters of motorists have driven in a potentially dangerous manner over the last month.

It will come as little surprise then that last year there were 207, 410 accidents on British roads as a result if this negligence.

The dangerous activities registered are ones we are constantly being warned about, which in some ways makes the findings all the more shocking.

41 per cent of drivers said they had felt drowsy behind the wheel, and a significant amount claimed they had broken speed limits.

Worryingly, many of those questioned admitted to engaging in illegal activities, such as driving whilst on the phone, driving over the limit ‘the morning after’ or partaking in road rage.

Furthermore, over half a million parents are putting their child’s life at risk by using a second hand car seat .

“We hope these findings will make motorists think about their behaviour when behind the wheel and encourage them to break their bad habits,” says Joanne Mallon of Sainsbury’s Insurance.

Londoners came out worst in terms of their driving habits, whilst in the battle of the sexes, women were revealed as being much safer motorists.

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