Sainsbury's Bank warns pet owners to fear the dentist's drill

22 June 2005
Nobody likes going to the dentist, but the situation could be a whole lot worse for pets and their owners, Sainsbury's Bank is warning.

As it calls on pet insurance policies to provide better cover for animal dental care, Sainsbury's Bank reveals that at least one million of the nation's cats and dogs could be suffering from bad teeth and gums.

Yet the bank estimates that only around one in three pet insurance policies covers pets for dental treatment caused by both illness or injury up to the full value of the vet fees.

"Pet owners should take care to choose a policy that provides dental cover in the event of both illness and accidents. Some policies will say that dental treatment is covered but watch out for those who really only provide dental cover resulting from accidents," said David Pickett, pet insurance manager at Sainsbury's Bank.

Older cats and dogs may be particularly susceptible to dental problems through illness rather than injury, so Sainsbury's Bank advises owners of elderly pets to be particularly careful in checking the terms of their pet insurance policy.

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