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Sainsbury's: Life insurance 'essential' for supermums

07 November 2005
Sainsbury's Bank is urging women to take out comprehensive life insurance to cover the income they earn, as well as the amount of unpaid work they do around the house.

The bank has estimated it would cost £17,407 to hire someone to carry out the tasks done by women in the home.

David Pickett, Life Insurance manager, Sainsbury's Bank said: "Women are increasingly returning to work whilst retaining the bulk of the responsibility for managing the home and raising the children.

"Unfortunately, the value of work around the home is often overlooked," he added.

However, the bank warned that men also do almost £12,000 of unpaid work every year, making life insurance essential for both parents.

Sainsbury's bank says both parents should ensure their families are "financially protected" in the event that something should happen to either parent.

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