Sainsbury's: Over £2 billion of holiday belongings not covered

27 June 2006
According to research from Sainsbury's Bank, up to £2.07 billion-worth of personal possessions taken on holiday by Brits this summer will not be insured.

The latest figures show that one in 12 British holidaymakers will not take out insurance, meaning over £4 billion-worth of holidays will also not be covered in the case of cancellations or problems.

The average Briton's holiday will cost over £1,600 and Robert O'May, travel insurance manager at Sainsbury's Bank says it is alarming how much money is potentially at risk of being lost.

"It's staggering that despite quality travel insurance such as ours, starting from as little as £22 for 14 nights in Europe, some 2.61 million people will risk losing a fortune this year by having no cover against a holiday calamity.

"It's also important to remember that the new government EHIC form like the E111 before it is not an insurance policy," Mr O'May continued. "It provides emergency medical care only, which in some destinations may be very limited."

Mr O'May also added that annual insurance cover can cost "less than a typical meal for two" and, with the peace of mind it guarantees could be money well spent.

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