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Sainsbury's Travel Insurance urges rally against 'bullying insurers'

30 August 2007
Consumers need to stand up for themselves against the dubious tactics travel insurance firms can employ, it has been claimed.

According to Sainsbury's Travel Insurance, 3.56 million holidaymakers have fallen victim to tricks by companies looking to sell cover over the past 12 months.

The organisation found that 17 per cent of customers were not asked if they had a pre-existing medical condition before taking out travel insurance, while 13 per cent stated that their supplier did not explain what was covered as part of their deal.

Steve Johnson, head of travel insurance at Sainsbury's, added that looking for the best deal will make sure consumers receive the best value.

"The only way to be sure you get the cover appropriate for all your needs at a price that's right is to shop around," he said.

People should be reminded that a heart condition, pregnancy or whether or not a person smokes could all have an effect on travel cover policies, as well as life insurance and critical illness insurance deals.

Last week, Standard Life warned that the UK is facing higher premiums due to obesity and alcohol-related illness.

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