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Sainsburys finds pets without insurance are being neglected in the credit crunch

11 February 2009 / by Rachael Stiles
Pets are being denied the treatment they need because their owners cannot afford the vet bills and they do not have pet insurance, according to Sainsbury's Finance.

Many canine and feline friends are not getting the treatment recommended by their vet because their owners do not have sufficient funds, with an 80 per cent majority of vets saying that a pet in their care has been denied treatment for this reason.

Illnesses or medical conditions are afflicting many cats and dogs which are not getting the medical treatment that has been recommended to them, the research found, highlighting the importance of pet insurance.

For cats, 1.4 million people claimed to not give them the treatment recommended by the vet, and 1.26 million said they could not afford for their dogs to get the care they need.

Vet fees have become increasingly expensive, Sainsbury's warns, with advances in veterinary science and more sophisticated treatments pushing up the price of owning a pet, and the current economic climate has exacerbated this problem.

"It is heartbreaking to think that so many cats and dogs are having to go without recommended treatment simply because their owners can not afford the cost." said Neal Devine, manager of Sainsbury's pet insurance.

"Vet fees are rising and for those without pet insurance, this could mean there's a good chance this scenario could be faced by many more owners and their pets. It's incredibly sad and frustrating as the simple solution to this is investing in a good pet insurance policy."

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