Save £1,000s on vet fees with pet insurance Go compare with our comparison table

Save £1,000s on vet fees with pet insurance

08 April 2010 / by Rachel Mason

Pet insurance can save you thousands of pounds in vet fees according to Fair Investment Company and the firm is urging pet owners to get insurance this National Pet Month.

"National Pet Month has released ten top tips for responsible pet ownership, and one is to get pet insurance if you have a dog or cat," explains Rachael Stiles, personal finance editor at Fair Investment Company.

"Pet insurance may not be a priority for most pet owners, but it could save you an awful lot of cash in the long run," said Rachael Stiles, personal finance editor at Fair Investment Company.

Ms Stiles says that pet insurance can be bought for as little as £4, but warns, "if you didn't have insurance and your cat or dog broke its leg, it would cost you around £1,200 to have it fixed."

And, says Ms Stiles, the other big cost that pet insurance can avoid is liability payments. She says third party liability claims for dogs have increased by 500 per cent over the past 10 years.

"This is because our society has become more and more aware of its 'rights' to sue for compensation. If your dog did cause damage to someone's property or injure them, without insurance, you would be totally liable for the cost."

Esure is also urging pet owners to protect themselves with pet insurance, but warns that they should read the small print when shopping for a policy, as Mike Pickard, head of esure pet insurance explains.

"Sickness, injury and long-term illness can affect any breed of dog, at any time, which is why it's crucial for pet owners to have insurance or ample savings to cover an unexpected vet bill of any size.  
"But when it comes to buying pet insurance it's important to drill down into the detail of the product as well as look at value for money. 

"Pet policies differ considerably so it's almost impossible to compare like for like. Check the small print to see what you are covered for and how easy it is to make a claim," he said.

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