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Sheilas' Wheels launches new inflatable 'Buddy'

26 July 2006
The insurance company specialising in car insurance for women, Sheilas' Wheels, has launched an innovative new security product – an inflatable gentleman friend.

The device is dubbed "Buddy" and fits in the glove compartment on the passengers' side of the car. It inflates to give the appearance of a second person in the vehicle to make women drivers who are alone, particularly at night, feel safer.

According to the Driving Solo study, commissioned by Sheilas' Wheels, one in three female motorists has been a victim of road rage or intimidation when they were travelling alone.

"Almost half of female motorists tell us they feel vulnerable driving alone at night - many never even get behind the wheel after dark - and that they would feel safer with someone next to them in the passenger seat," said Jacky Brown, spokesperson for the female-friendly insurance group.

"We're not saying that an inflatable man is the only answer but we do hope it will give women extra confidence and make journeys in the dark less fearful.

"The great thing about our Buddy is that you only inflate it when you need it," Ms Brown continued. "Then when you're finished with him, you can just pull the plug and put him back in the glove box."

No doubt some women would like more of their male passengers to be like Buddy in this regard…

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