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Shop around for young drivers' car insurance and save £150

01 September 2008 / by Rachael Stiles
Shopping around for the best deal could save young drivers as much as £150 each on their car insurance, research from has found.

Drivers in their twenties will pretty much always pay more for their car insurance, the insurer said, whether they've just got their licence, are off to university and need a car, or are starting a family and suddenly need a car to ferry the kids around in.

Car insurance is particularly expensive for drivers without a significant no claims bonus, which young drivers will not have.

Young drivers' car insurance accounts for more than half the cost of motoring for new drivers, according to a report called Young Drivers: Road Safety and the Cost of Motoring by the Association of British Insurers. For an experienced driver, car insurance accounts for six per cent of the total cost of running a car.

With this in mind, it makes good sense to shop around in order to find the cheapest deals and save money where possible, says.

As part of its research, swiftcover carried out a comparative study by getting quotes from different car insurance comparison websites and seeing how much drivers in their twenties could save by shopping around.

"Although young drivers are statistically proven to have a far higher rate of accidents, it does not necessarily follow through that this is the case for all drivers in their twenties." said Tina Shortle, marketing director of

The research discovered that the average driver in their twenties could save £156.19.

"We believe at that it is unfair for all drivers to pay over the odds simply because of their age. Through sophisticated analysis, we are able to ensure that a twenty something is treated as an individual not a number."

Ms Shortle added: "We were surprised by the differences in premiums, in a set of scenarios which were all quite different. One of the advantages of is the fact that our efficient online service keeps our premiums lower as we keep administration running costs to an absolute minimum. Our message to all young drivers, both men and women, is to shop around - and certainly not to settle for your renewal premium until you have made sure it is competitive."

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