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Star signs stir home insurance pot

10 August 2005
A person’s star sign is strikingly telling of how accident-prone they may be in the home, according to new research.

The type of home insurance claim that that person is most likely to make is therefore written in the stars.

Those born under a water sign are most likely to have a flood, whilst those under fire signs are more prone to smoke damage, according to

The company have actually conducted research that has revealed Pisceans, Cancerians and Scorpios, whose corresponding element is water, to be most likely to suffer from burst pipes, escaping water and flooding.

Most earthquake claims, be them small in number, are made by those born under earth signs.

It appears that Capricorns rake in the highest amount of money when it comes to home insurance claims, which is fitting since they are rumoured to be the worriers of the zodiac group. is urging all homeowners, regardless of their star sign, to take more care over protecting their property.

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