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Stealing from the rich, or anyone else for that matter

24 May 2006
According to a recent study, Nottingham is the "most dangerous city in England" with an abnormally high crime rate, which will affect home insurance premiums in the area.

Reform, a public services think-tank, has released its findings, showing that the home of Robin Hood, the Prince of Thieves, is a breeding ground for scoundrels of a less charitable ilk.

Nottingham, with 115 crimes per 1,000 people in 2005, had a crime rate nearly four times that of the safest towns: Southend in Essex (30 per 1,000) and Poole in Dorset (32 per 1,000).

An anti-crime body, made up of the police, the local council and the probation services based in the Midlands city, refuted the findings, saying the study was "misleading" and that crime was almost universally falling in Nottingham.

"Once again we see sloppy, error-riddled London-based research and reporting stereotyping our city," Graham Allen, chairperson of One Nottingham told Reuters.

The findings were based on seven different types of offences: murder, rape, burglary, robbery, vehicle and gun crime and assault. Only urban areas with populations above 100,000 were included in the survey.

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