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Students' home insurance can protect 1 in 3 who become victims of crime Go compare with our comparison table

Students' home insurance can protect 1 in 3 who become victims of crime

06 September 2010 / by Rachael Stiles

While this year's new undergraduates prepare to go to university, student home insurance should not get neglected, because one in three students become victims of crime.

According to research from Aviva home insurance, a third of students will have need to make a home insurance claim, as a result of mugging, vehicle-related theft, and burglary.

Students take a number of valuable possessions to university, including bikes, laptops, televisions, consoles and MP3 players, so, while contents insurance might not be at the top of their priority list, Aviva urges students to consider protecting their belongings.

Some students might be protected by their parents' home insurance at no extra cost, Aviva says, which offers cover for students' possessions, but adds that this will not necessarily cover any possessions that students take with them when they are out and about unless their parents have this level of cover on their policy.

Commenting, Jonathan Cracknell, household underwriter at Aviva, said: "After paying out for all the tuition and accommodation fees it might come as a surprise to many parents to discover that they might not have to pay anything extra to insure their children's belongings, be it their bedding and clothes, TV or iPhone.

"And if the family policy has personal belongings cover too that means the student's bits and pieces outside their digs are also protected - all for no extra cost!"

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