to give green discount

18 October 2006
The UK's first entirely online insurance group,, has announced a special discount for environmentally aware drivers.

Motorists who own a greener vehicle will be eligible for a ten per cent discount on their premiums, the company said.

Cars with hybrid engines, such as the new Honda Civic, Honda Insight, Lexis GS, Lexus RX and the Toyota Prius will receive the discount when they purchase their policy online with

"We are very powerfully attached to our cars and either unable or unwilling to give them up for the sake of our environment," said Andrew Blowers, the chief executive of

"We recognise this fact, but also want to help encourage more motorists to consider the eco-friendly cars on the market."

Mr Blowers said that although Britons were obviously aware of the challenges to be faced in preserving the environment, the fact that green cars were more expensive to buy was a deterring factor.

"We hope the green drivers' insurance discount will act as a small incentive for motorists to choose eco-friendly motoring," he concluded.

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