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Swinton sees customers turn to the web for insurance

07 July 2005
Leading UK insurance broker Swinton says that customers are increasingly keen to get their insurance using the internet.

Doubts over the efficacy of the call centres have led many consumers to shun the phone and turn instead to the mouse.

In its survey, reported by MyFinances, Swinton found that the majority of customers expected delays when using the call centres to find quotes or solicit advice.

It found that 681,000 motorists now looked for car insurance online, with many citing the call centre performance as the reason why.

However, Swinton concluded that if the service was properly managed - and call centre response times and quality of information improved - the phone would continue to prove useful.

"We believe that despite the increase in the number of people purchasing car insurance on the internet, the phone will continue to be a popular method as long as providers ensure that their call centres provide good quality customer service," Andrew Jackson, marketing director for Swinton, explained.

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