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Ten million car accidents go unreported, Privilege finds

18 April 2005
An estimated ten million car accidents have gone unreported over the last five years, according to the first Privilege Insurance British Accident Survey.

The survey found that the true number of accidents sustained on Britain's roads could be worryingly higher than the official figures, as almost a quarter (24 per cent) of those surveyed by Privilege admitted letting an accident go unreported.

The majority were minor incidents, the insurer found, with almost half (47 per cent) occurring when the car was parked.

The most common unreported incident was suffering a smashed wing mirror (11 per cent), followed by a broken light (four per cent).

Privilege found that almost a quarter of those motorists who suffered such minor damage in 2004 had to spend money to fix the problem, and two per cent had to take time off work.

"Our new research paints a worrying picture of accidents involving Britain's vehicles where minor accidents and incidents are viewed by drivers as too insignificant to report," said Ian Parker, managing director of Privilege Insurance.

Mr Parker pointed out that many motorists might not report minor incidents so as not to lose their no-claims bonus, but many insurers eliminate that concern by offering no-claims bonus protection.

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