Terminal 5 leaves those without travel insurance high and dry

02 April 2008 / by Rachael Stiles
Thousands of passengers have experienced delays, cancellations and lost luggage as Terminal 5 experiences teething problems, but those without travel insurance will not fare as well.

According to MORE TH>N, more than 200 flights were cancelled, and more than 15,000 items of luggage were lost or misdirected in the opening week of the new terminal at Heathrow Airport, which cost £4.3 billion to build, causing travellers huge inconvenience and financial loss.

MORE TH>N suggests that in the event that a flight is cancelled, the passenger should ask their airline for a refund or to be booked on an alternative flight to their destination; delays should be compensated with meals, refreshments and, if necessary, overnight accommodation, said the insurer.

Furthermore, compensation can also be claimed if those affected have comprehensive travel insurance, which can pay out in such situations for lost luggage, delays or cancelled flights and alternative accommodation, covering additional losses that the airline does not.

Graham Nicholls, manager of travel insurance at MORE TH>N, advises: "Travellers should bear in mind that most insurance policies don’t cover valuables kept in the hold and should therefore always pack valuables in hand luggage or keep them on their person during the flight.

"It’s important travellers affected by the cancellations or baggage confusion at Terminal 5 know their rights in order to understand what compensation they are due. But most importantly they should keep in regular contact with their airline to find the best way of reaching their end destination."

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