Tesco Medical Insurance: Advisers counsel caution

12 January 2007
As Tesco Personal Finance introduces private medical insurance (PMI), financial commentators have warned customers to compare the product against offerings from other providers.

The 'premium' and 'core' Tesco products boast price tags up to 32 per cent cheaper than competitors'.

Core covers private medical insurance for inpatient care, outpatient scans; while premium includes £1,000 cover for additional outpatient benefits.

The product takes a "no questions asked" approach to applications, notes Moneysupermarket.com's Emma Walker.

But Steve Flanagan, commercial director of Bupa Health Insurance, warns that while this may tempt some customers, it is risky in the long-term.

"By not requesting a person's medical history when they first buy cover, people may not fully understand what they are covered for until they claim, which for some will be too late", he advised.

Tesco personal finance's head of savings and investments, Jeremy Sutton, described the new products as "simple, good value and easy to buy".

But instead of leaping at the convenient Tesco product, customers should seek the "most appropriate financial protection", Emma Walker stressed.

Finding the "relevant" product is a matter of reading the small print, comparing policies, and taking advice, she stressed.

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