Tesco: Pet insurance 'essential' this winter

27 October 2005
More pets than ever are harmed on Britain's roads in winter because motorists cannot see them, warns Tesco Pet Insurance.

The insurance provider said this week that pet owners should be "extra vigilant" when taking their dog for a walk in the dark winter evenings and should make sure that their pet insurance is up-to-date.

Tesco also warned owners of recent changes in the law which make owners personally liable for any accident caused by their uninsured pet.

Head of Tesco Pet Insurance, Allan Burns, said: "All dog owners should consider pet insurance as even well trained dogs can be unpredictable in their behaviour.

"Nowadays, pet insurance need not be expensive, it's all about shopping around for the right type of cover at the right price."

Tesco is currently offering a 15 per cent discount on pet insurance for owners who apply online before 7th November 2005.

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