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Tesco calls for equality in car insurance

13 December 2005 / by None
Same-sex couples should enjoy the same benefits and discounts as married couples when it comes to car insurance, says Tesco.

The insurance provider says all insurers should respect the Civil Partnerships Act and give same-sex couples the 15 per cent discount that married couples get.

Head of insurance at Tesco, Allan Burns, says it is unfair that some insurers do not recognise the relationship between same-sex couples.

He said: "We're pleased that over the past few years a number of motor insurers have followed our lead and apply preferential rating equally between same and mixed sex couples.

"But it's worrying that there are still some insurers who don't. We believe treating all customers fairly is the right thing to do."

The Civil Partnerships Act allows same-sex couples to obtain legal recognition of their relationship by forming a civil partnership. This means they have the same legal rights as other married couples.

Tesco has been giving same-sex couples the discounts associated with car insurance that other couples receive.

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