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Tesco gives financial incentives for 'stubbing out for life'

27 May 2006
Tesco Life Insurance has guaranteed smokers that the company will reduce premiums for those who have quit for over 13 months.

Reformed smokers could almost halve their premiums by kicking the habit, even later in life, as long as they pledge not to return to their old habits and their general health has not deteriorated, Tesco said.

"Many people aren't aware that they can ask their life insurer to re-quote their policy if they have stopped smoking for thirteen months or more," said James Yerkess, Tesco's head of life insurance.

"It's surprising that more companies don't seem to shout about it," he added.

The popular mantra quoted at regular smokers is that each cigarette will take five minutes off your life but recent research suggests that quitting the habit, even after being a regular smoker for several years, can mean your health is no worse than someone who has never smoked.

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