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Tesco home insurance finds Brits cause £1.35bn damage a year

16 June 2008 / by Rachael Stiles
Brits have five million accidents in the home each year, causing damage of £1.35billion to their homes, according to Tesco home insurance.

An array of mishaps are causing costly damage to British homes, especially if they don't have home insurance or accidental damage cover, and have to fork out to repair the damage themselves.

Having a few too many drinks is to blame for £95million of damage to homes, young children account for £136million of accidents, wagging tails and other pet shenanigans bring about £87million of damage, people who try their hand at DIY are accountable for £149million, but the most guilty culprits are those who mess around and partake in horseplay, causing £325million of damage.

Tesco's 'Mr Bump Report' – taken from the name of an accident prone character of the children's Mr Men cartoons – has found that, having caused damage to their homes in the last five years, more Brits can identity with Mr Bump and Little Miss Calamity than they can with Mr Happy or Little Miss Sunshine.

The kind of damage and destruction that Brits wreak on their homes includes dropping things, breaking the TV and smashing windows, and damaging carpets, curtains and furniture through spillages.

One in four has dropped an ornament, 17 per cent have damaged an expensive electrical item, and six per cent dropped a hot iron and burnt carpets and furniture.

This series of unfortunate events could prove expensive for nearly a third of Brits who do not have accidental damage cover as part of their contents insurance, or for those who have no home insurance at all.

Commenting on the research, Paul Baxter of TescoCompare home insurance, said: "As the saying goes accidents do happen – and this research suggests many of us suffer financial loses on an annual basis. You can insure against accidental damage – and the new home insurance service on Tescocompare will enable you to see what is covered, and what is not, in the event of an accident."

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