Tesco undoes image of 'women only' car insurance deals

17 May 2005 / by None
New research by Tesco Car Insurance has revealed that the majority of female motorists do not stand to save with 'women only' car insurance deals.

According to independent research by Direct Excellence for Tesco, almost three out of four women drivers would actually save money by opting for a mainstream motor insurer over a 'women only' specialist.

Going for a mainstream insurer rather than a specialist could see female motorists save an average of £85.

"The car insurance industry universally acknowledges that women are safer drivers and most companies price accordingly. Our research dispels the myth that the self-styled specialists offer the best deals to women motorists," comments Allan Burns, head of Tesco Car Insurance

"We would encourage all female motorists to put mainstream insurers on their shopping list. Don't be lulled into the belief that if a company only takes women drivers onto its books then it's going to offer the cheapest premiums."

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