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The diametric opposition of car insurance

27 April 2006
Tesco Car Insurance Checkout survey has revealed that residents of London and the north-west of England are the two highest-paying areas in the UK for car insurance, spending nearly one and a half times more than the rest of the country.

The premiums paid by inhabitants of these two regions were, on average, 44 per cent higher than the rest of the country, or £100 more expensive in real terms.

The nation's cheapest insurance is enjoyed by residents of East Anglia, who pay an average annual premium of £329, compared with the national average of £442.

"Unfortunately for motorists in the north-west and London, high claim rates, car crime and sheer volume of traffic are forcing insurers to push up premiums in these highly urban areas," said Tesco Car Insurance's Allan Burns.

The advice from Tesco is to "shop around" to ensure the most cost-effective deals on your insurance policies, as even rates within regions differ dramatically.

The disparity can be as much as £321, as shown by the discrepancy in the cheapest to most expensive provider in the north-west.

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