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Three quarters of Brits fear for more than their financial health says Bupa

17 October 2008 / by Rebecca Sargent
As the credit crunch continues to take its toll on British households, Bupa has found that three quarters of Brits fear for their health as they deal with constant financial dilemmas.

The study, by the health insurance provider surveyed 10 of the UK's biggest cities found that of those concerned about their health; nine out of ten expect the current financial turmoil to cause increased worry and stress, while four in every five fear a stress-related illness like depression.

Following the news that unemployment has hit a ten year high, Bupa has found that job worries are at the heart of people's financial woes. The survey carried out by Bupa health insurance found that more than half of Brits are worried about their money situation, and more than a third fear for the safety of their jobs.

And, as Brits fight to keep their jobs, stress levels and working hours have soared, increasing the risk of health issues.

In addition, almost eight out of ten people are expecting sleepless nights over their current situation and 60 per cent anticipate that their exercise routine will suffer.

Ironically, as Brits fight for their jobs, Bupa has warned that absence from work due to sickness is expected to rise. Commenting, deputy medical director for Bupa UK Health Insurance, Dr Paula Franklin, said: "The credit crunch is just as much about a person's health as it is their wealth. As the country's financial health coughs and splutters, the reality is that so do we.

"It is imperative to spot the warning signs early – so if you are experiencing frequent sleepless nights, loss of appetite, reduced interest in sex, or you feel you are turning to alcohol to forget your concerns, your worrying about the credit crunch could be becoming a serious health issue."

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