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Towergate reveals UK’s poor caravan insurance record

19 July 2007
This summer, over two million caravans will take to UK roads but worryingly, their owners won’t bother to insure them.

Figures from caravan insurance specialists Towergate have highlighted a concerning trend amongst caravan owners with over a quarter failing to insure their caravans before setting off on holiday. Just under half of the owners questioned (45%) said they didn’t consider insurance due to the low value of the caravan followed by the fact that the caravan is not used very often (27%).

Dave Sheath, Managing Director of caravan insurance specialist, Towergate Bakers comments: “We were alarmed to see from our research how many people were not taking out insurance. Not only can some of the top of the range caravans set you back well over £20,000 if they are stolen, the damage you can cause to third parties can be enormous.”

Caravan insurance is not compulsory yet according to Towergate’s research, one in ten caravanners have made a claim in the last three years – with three quarters of those claiming for accidental damage and 13% claiming for either theft of, or from, the caravan.

With caravan insurance starting from around £100, owners will be covered for the value of replacing stolen goods, cost of repairs and for substantial third party liability – up to £2 million with Towergate.

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