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Tsunami life insurance payout confirmed by Norwich Union

19 January 2005
Norwich Union has said it will pay out on life insurance policies without a death certificate in the case of the Asian tsunami.

Normally there is a seven-year wait before a death certificate is issued if a body cannot be found.

Instead, Norwich Union will be using a "reasonable evidence" test to establish that a policyholder has been killed in the tragedy.

"Everyone has been shocked at the scale of the tsunami tragedy and the level of human loss and suffering it has caused," said Mike Kirsch, operations director for Norwich Union.

"There is clearly confusion at the current time around how a relative can claim on a life insurance policy if no body can be found and therefore no death certificate issued.

"Norwich Union's position is that the lack of a death certificate will not prevent us from investigating and paying a claim.

"We will be doing our utmost to ensure that claims are handled sensitively and as quickly as possible during what will be a very difficult time for the relatives of victims of the tragedy."

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